I LOVE a good gallery wall. They are really popular these days, and for good reason.

There are so many spaces in which you can create a gallery wall, and today we will show a few examples.

In my house, I have quite a few gallery walls. They are all different sizes and styles.

First (and largest), is the one going up our stairway. I wanted this gallery to fill the entire space while staying subtle and not overwhelming. This is why I chose to only include black and white photos with matching frames of different sizes. I purchased all the frames from Ikea, which was the best deal I found for purchasing so many frames. The prints are from Shutterfly, which I like okay, but if you know of a better place to print pictures (for a similar price) send ideas my way! This is my favorite gallery wall I’ve ever created mostly because it was truly inspired. I purchased a bunch of frames willy-nilly, and arranged them on the wall in one afternoon.

Second is our small gallery in the powder room. As you can see, it consists of only 3 pieces. (Is this even considered a gallery wall?! Pfft. I’m including it). It just makes the space a little more interesting than only hanging one piece.

Here’s a slightly larger gallery wall in our guest bathroom. This bathroom is entirely black, white, and grey–as is the gallery wall. When doing a smaller gallery wall like this, I ALWAYS choose an odd number of art pieces to hang. This wall is not centered, but even if you create a symmetric look, you still need an odd number of pieces.

These are just a few examples of gallery walls that you are can easily create! We have a couple more in our home that I am still working on! They make for an interesting view and add dimension to any space, and are a maximalist’s dream! (Even though I consider myself a “semi-minimalist”).

Show us a few of your favorite gallery walls!


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