Our full service interior design projects include presentations, meetings, project management, styling, etc. We are there every step of the way to make sure every detail is planned out with care. We’re here to handle the design process and take the burden off you so you can attend to other details in your life!

We prefer clients who are design savvy, yet understand that we’re there to oversee the creative part of the project and not just implement their design. If you have a design in mind and prefer to handle more of the details yourself, one of our other services would work better!

When it comes to full service, we can:
  • Shop products for our design
  • Order Furniture, art, decor, etc.
  • Work with your contractor throughout the process
  • Work with delivery people on where to place furniture

We expect all our clients to allow the contractor of their project to purchase the products for construction, as they are expected to warrant the installation and therefore should make the small mark-up on goods. We also have separate fees and requirements for projects where clients intend to purchase furnishings products on their own.


  • Initial Meeting: $200/1-2 hour meeting with 1 or both of us. We will set budget for design at this meeting.
  • $100/hour per designer. We will give you a ballpark price for design at initial meeting.

 Below are the steps to Full Service design:

1. Initial Meeting

Determine needs, desires, and budget for project and verify site conditions with measurements, plans, and/or photographs.

2. First Design

Conceptual design of space, to include general color schemes, samples, pictures, and drawings to suggest design ideas. During this first presentation, client gives notes, requests, questions, etc.

3. Design Development

Fine-tuning of approved first design so that it becomes fixed.  Drawings, floor plans, elevations, and details as necessary are provided. Shopping and showroom visits are done in this phase if necessary. Lighting design and selection of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes are completed. Budgets are approved.

4. Documentation

Preparation of drawings, specifications, and other documents to have the project constructed. Proposals for furniture, window treatments, custom pieces, or any other type of furnishings will be completed.

5. Installation and Styling

Site visits are made to verify project quality and progress. Furnishings are delivered and installed. Lastly we will style the space to your satisfaction.


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We have taken a hiatus to revamp and reevaluate the direction we want to take with our blog! 
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